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Basic Computer Programming Concepts Using Java

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Course Overview

Java is indeed one of the most popular programming languages used for software development today. It's known for its versatility, platform independence, and extensive libraries and frameworks. Throughout the course, students will likely work on practical exercises and programming assignments to apply their knowledge and reinforce their learning.

By the end of this course, they should have a good foundation in Java programming and be able to write basic Java programs independently.

What You Will Learn

At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • determine what is Java programming all about
  • identify the advantages of using Java
  • demonstrate understanding to the fundamentals and basic syntaxes used in Java programming
  • identify roadblocks when programming and learn how to deal with them

Course Content

Week 1: Basic Overview of Java

6 Videos | 2 Activities

6 Videos

  • Welcome to the course!
  • What is Java?
  • How to Use Java (Requirements)
  • Installing the Tools
  • Running a Sample Program
  • Summary

2 Activities

  • Recall Activity
  • Exit Assessment

Week 2: Fundamentals in Java: Part 1

4 Videos | 2 Activities

4 Videos

  • Conditionals: Part 1
  • Conditionals: Part 2
  • Java Arrays
  • Summary

2 Activities

  • Recall Activity
  • Exit Assessment

Week 3: Fundamentals in Java: Part 2

5 Videos | 2 Activities

5 Videos

  • Strings: Part 1
  • Strings: Part 2
  • What are methods?
  • Encapsulation
  • Summary

2 Activities

  • Recall Activity
  • Exit Assessment

Week 4: Troubleshooting and Debugging

2 Videos | 2 Activities

2 Videos

  • Exceptions
  • Key Takeaways

2 Activities

  • Recall Activity
  • Exit Assessment

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