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Analytics Applications in Operations

Development Academy of the Philippines
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Course Overview

Tackle real-life challenges in business operations by applying analytical and modeling techniques. Practical business cases will allow participants to explore the spectrum of data analytics skills to provide insight for making operational decisions, primarily to improve service delivery to customers and become more efficient and effective in resource allocation. Use-cases include such as quality control, capacity planning, and failure and fault modeling.

What You Will Learn

Upon completion of this course, the learners are expected to:

  • suggest operational and business improvements and solutions based on quantitative analysis of operational data, with the use of statistical models and the application of modeling and optimization techniques; and
  • streamline analysis and modeling for solving operations and process-related problems using powerful Excel functionalities.


You will need a computer or laptop with Microsoft Excel installed. Computer or laptop requirements are:

  • For Windows: Core i3 or better, 4GB RAM or better, MS Excel 2007 or better
  • For MacBook: ideally MS Excel 2013 or newer should be installed (some functions require this version on the Mac). If the version of MS Excel is 2011, download and install StatPlus.
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  5. Prerequisites

    Development Academy of the Philippines SP101

    You must successfully complete Development Academy of the Philippines SP101 before you begin this course.