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Applied Analytics in Public Human Resource Management

Development Academy of the Philippines
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Course Overview

For public sector organizations to control labor costs and improve productivity, support programs and services, and use budget more efficiently, they need to significantly improve how they recruit, train, and manage talent. However, labor and workforce data collected by national and local governments often get trapped in siloed, disparate systems — making it difficult to leverage for making better human resource management (HRM) decisions. In this course, participants will gain a holistic understanding of how public HRM and data analytics intersect. Participants will learn how data value chain should be set up in organizations in order to execute data-driven strategies. Topics to be covered also include HR measurement framework and techniques using data and sophisticated analysis on workforce-related concerns and issues.

What You Will Learn

Upon completion of this course, the learners are expected to:

  • create business, project, process improvement, or innovation proposals that use public sector HR data as one of the primary resources;
  • analyze labor, workforce, or HR data to identify trends and other actionable insights; and
  • demonstrate the use of data to make decisions about hiring and talent development, so that participants can position themselves as strategic partners in a public sector organization’s HR management decision.


You need a laptop or computer desktop with a Microsoft Excel.

  • There is an add-in to the MS Excel called the “Analysis ToolPak.”
  • It can be retrieved in the Manage Excel Add-in in the selection box.
  • Just click the checkmark in the dialog box and then OK to open it.

Note to SPARTA scholars: Upon enrollment, you will have 6 months to finish a SPARTA course. Failure to complete the course in 6 months and/or inactivity for 3 months will result in course access revocation.

Course Instructors

Course Staff Image #1

Dr. Teodoro Lloydon Bautista, DPA

Subject Matter Expert

Course Staff Image #2

Jody Salas

Subject Matter Expert

Course Content

Week 1: Overview of Data-Analytics in Human Resource Management (HRM)

8 Videos | 3 Activities

8 Videos

  • Welcome to the course!
  • Characteristics and Features of HRM in the Public Sector (2 Videos)
  • Role of the Fourth Industrial Revolution Technologies in Major HRM Functions and Processes
  • Converting Datasets into Scales and Measures
  • Statistical Computations (2 videos)
  • Summary

3 Activities

  • Recall activities
  • Quiz: Descriptive Statistics

Week 2: HR Planning, Recruitment, Selection, and Placement Using Data Analytics

7 Videos | 3 Activities

7 Videos

  • Normal Distribution and Probabilities
  • HR Recruitment and Selection
  • T-testing of Independent Means of Two Sample Groups (Pooled and Non-Pooled)
  • Application of ANOVA in HRM
  • Statistical Computations (3 videos)

3 Activities

  • Recall activities
  • Quiz: Data Analytics in HR Planning, Recruitment, Selection, and Placement

Week 3: Compensation, Benefits, and Rewards

4 Videos | 3 Activities

4 Videos

  • Spearman’s Rho on HR Promotion
  • Chi-Square Two-Tailed on HR Rewards
  • Statistical Computations (2 videos)

3 Activities

  • Try it out - Word cloud
  • Let’s recall: Find the match
  • Quiz: Compensation, Benefits, and Rewards

Week 4: Evaluating the Impact of Training, Learning and Development

5 Videos | 4 Activities

5 Videos

  • Linear Trend Estimation and Regression to Predict the Relationship of Variables
  • Multiple Regression Technique in HR Performance
  • Statistical Computations (2 videos)
  • Key Takeaways

4 Activities

  • Recall activities
  • Quiz: Evaluating the Impact of Training, Learning and Development
  • Final Exam
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