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Data Engineering in e-Governance Systems

Development Academy of the Philippines
Enrollment is Closed

Course Overview

Many governments are moving towards the use of information and communication technologies (ICT) to allow citizens to easily access information and services. Electronic governance (e-Governance) deals with all regulations and policies to manage and control public service delivery, information dissemination, and citizens' participation in government decision processes through ICT. With iterative data capability and capacity build that goes with digitalization in the public sector, data can come from many disparate and siloed sources. A systematic application of data collection, data storage, database design and management, and information systems management need to be considered. This course introduces you e-governance, possible source systems, the databases that are necessary, and how to store, access, process, and manage them, in preparation for reporting, analytics, and modeling.

Note to SPARTA scholars: Upon enrollment, you will have 6 months to finish a SPARTA course. Failure to complete the course in 6 months and/or inactivity for 3 months will result in course access revocation.

What You Will Learn

Upon completion of this course, the learners are expected to:

  • understand the concept of e-government and e-governance, and the associated benefits and drawbacks;
  • understand how a relational database differs from a flat database, including the function and construction of a joining table;
  • understand the different popular ETL frameworks and how they can be used on e-governance data; and
  • understand the advantages and disadvantages of using different types of storage and database solutions.

Course Instructor

Course Staff Image #1

Jody Salas

Subject Matter Expert

Course Content

Week 1: e-Government in the Philippines

7 Videos | 3 Activities

7 Videos

  • Welcome to the course!
  • e-Government
  • e-Governance
  • State of e-Gov in the Philippines
  • EGMP 2021
  • CASE STUDY: DOH COVID-19 Tracker
  • Summary

3 Activities

  • Recall Activity
  • Case Study
  • Exit Assessment

Week 2: Open Government Data Ecosystem

4 Videos | 3 Activities

4 Videos

  • History of Open Government Data
  • Open Government Data and Open Government Partnership
  • Open Government Ecosystem
  • Summary

3 Activities

  • Recall Activity
  • Case Study
  • Exit Assessment

Week 3: Information Management

5 Videos | 3 Activities

5 Videos

  • Data Architecture
  • Data Modeling and Design
  • Data Storage and Operations
  • ETL – Extract, Transform and Load
  • Summary

3 Activities

  • Recall Activity
  • Case Study
  • Exit Assessment

Week 4: Information Governance

4 Videos | 4 Activities

4 Videos

  • Data Integration and Interoperability
  • Data Security
  • Data Privacy
  • Key Takeaways

4 Activities

  • Recall Activity
  • Case Study
  • Exit Assessment
  • Final Exam

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    1-2 hours/week (8 hours)
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