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Data Management Fundamentals

Development Academy of the Philippines

Course Overview

Analysis, models, and business intelligence reports are only as reliable as the data on which they are based. This course will impart knowledge on various technicalities embedded in data management. This course will equip participants with the necessary skills to store, process, organize, update, and disseminate accurate data that supports sound decision-making.

What You Will Learn

Upon completion of this course, the learners are expected to:

  • understand different classification and types of data/information, which will strengthen the knowledge and skills in managing the complexity of data;
  • be introduced in architectural options for data warehousing and distribution, including repository and registry; and
  • be able to identify management issues and techniques using proper data processing regardless of data complexity.


You will need a computer or laptop with Microsoft Excel installed. Computer or laptop requirements are:

  • For Windows: Core i3 or better, 4GB RAM or better, MS Excel 2007 or better
  • For MacBook: ideally MS Excel 2013 or newer should be installed (some functions require this version on the Mac). If the version of MS Excel is 2011, download and install StatPlus.