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Basic Project Management

Development Academy of the Philippines

Course Overview

This course provides an overview of project management as applied in development work. The learners are expected to learn basic technical and management skills that they can apply to profession.

This course is intended for technical staff of government agencies, non-government and civil society organizations involved in implementing development projects

What You Will Learn

At the end of the course, the learner should be able to:

  • situate themselves in a project management work setting;
  • apply basic concepts to help ensure project success; and
  • identify the dos and don'ts in project management.

Course Instructor

Course Staff Image #1

Dr. Alan Cajes

Subject Matter Expert

Course Content

Week 1: Understanding a Project

8 Videos| 1 Activity

8 Videos

  • Welcome to the course!
  • Definitions of a Project
  • Elements of a Project
  • Examples of a Project
  • Definition of Project Management
  • Methods of Project Management
  • Tools Used in Project Management
  • Summary

1 Activity

  • Quiz: Project Management

Week 2: Understanding the Project Life Cycle

4 Videos | 1 Activity

4 Videos

  • Definition of Project Life Cycle
  • Project Life Cycle Phases
  • Examples of Project Life Cycle Phases
  • Summary

1 Activity

  • Quiz: Project Life Cycle

Week 3: How to Identify a Project

5 Videos | 1 Activity

5 Videos

  • Problem Tree Analysis
  • Objective Tree Analysis
  • Project Selection Criteria
  • Example of Project Selection
  • Summary

1 Activity

  • Peer-Graded Analysis: Problem Tree Analysis

Week 4: The Project Manager

6 Videos

6 Videos

  • Basic Project Implementation
  • Managing the Triple Constraints
  • Management Roles
  • Leadership Skills
  • Behavioral Skills
  • Summary

Week 5: Project Plan

1 Video | 2 Activities

1 Video

  • Key Takeaways

2 Activities

  • Capstone Project
  • Final Exam
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