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Internet of Things Using Arduino in TinkerCad

Department of Information and Communications Technology
Enrollment in this course is by invitation only

Course Overview

The Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming increasingly important. Control and automation in homes and industries require remote monitoring and control via the internet to assure safety. Herein lies the IoT. This course covers the fundamentals of IoT technologies. Students will learn IoT device programming using Arduino, which will be replicated online using TinkerCad. Sensors, microcontrollers, and actuators will be covered. Students will be instructed step-by-step via laboratory activities to create and program Arduino.

What You Will Learn

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • recognize the fundamentals of IoT, including components, communication protocol, mechanisms, and the basic electronic circuits
  • determine how to program Arduino Uno using TinkerCad simulation and connect an Arduino device with a sensor to the Internet
  • identify different applications of graph problems in real-world applications

Course Instructor

Course Staff Image #1

Marlon Tayag

Subject Matter Expert

Course Content

Week 1: Introduction to IoT

10 Videos | 2 Activities

10 Videos

  • Welcome to the course!
  • What is an IoT
  • Goal IoT
  • Layers of IoT Architecture
  • COAP, MQTT, and AMQP
  • Smart Home
  • Healthcare
  • IoT Implementation Challenges
  • Security
  • Summary

2 Activities

  • Recall Activities
  • Exit Assessment

Week 2: Usage of Big Data

9 Videos | 2 Activities

9 Videos

  • What is an embedded system?
  • Classification and Application of Embedded System
  • Overview of Microcontroller and Microprocessors
  • Microcontroller vs. Microprocessors
  • Using a Breadboard
  • Using TinkerCad Circuit
  • Using TinkerCad to Create Our First Electronic Circuit
  • Basic Electronic Components
  • Summary

2 Activities

  • Recall Activities
  • Exit Assessment

Week 3: Introduction to Arduino Architecture

9 Videos | 2 Activities

9 Videos

  • Arduino Platform
  • Using the Arduino IDE and TinkerCad Arduino
  • Arduino Sketch
  • Using I/O Functions
  • Assemble the Blinking LED Project-TinkerCad (Parts/Components)
  • Coding and Running the Blinking LED Project
  • Overview and Different Types of Sensors
  • Integrating Sensors in Arduino
  • Summary

2 Activities

  • Recall Activities
  • Exit Assessment

Week 4: LCD Display

11 Videos | 2 Activities

11 Videos

  • 7 Segment Display
  • Integrating 7 Segment to Arduino to Display Output/Information
  • 16x2 Liquid Crystal Display
  • Integrating LCD to Arduino to Display Output/Information
  • Overview of Relay Switch
  • Connecting Relay Switches to Arduino
  • Overview of Servos
  • Connecting Servos to Arduino
  • Introduction to Wokwi
  • Using Wokwi for Arduino Simulation
  • Key Takeaways

2 Activities

  • Recall Activities
  • Exit Assessment

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