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Artificial Intelligence: Understanding the Basics and Essentials

Department of Information and Communications Technology
Enrollment in this course is by invitation only

Course Overview

Embracing new technologies to support industry, institutions and firms

What You Will Learn

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • understand the different types of AI in the perspective of technology and business capabilities
  • know how to assess the relevance, effectiveness and benefits of AI technologies in their well-defined business problem
  • know the right questions to ask the different stakeholders involved in designing AI projects
  • know how to work effectively with the different roles involved in building AI solutions
  • know how to effectively communicate actionable insights and endorse business solutions brought by AI projects
  • understand the different key activities, resources, and partners needed to efficiently build and effectively roll-out AI solutions in their organization or business unit

Course Content

Week 1: AI foundations, advantages and benefits

15 Videos | 1 Activity

15 Videos

  • Welcome to the course!
  • Alan Turing and John McCarthy with Origins of AI
  • Golden Age and Winter of AI
  • Expert Systems, PC and minicomputers
  • Drivers of AI
  • Structures of AI
  • Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning and Neural Networks
  • Process automation, RPA and IPA
  • Monitoring and actionable insights generation
  • Engagement with employees and customers
  • Data sizes and types
  • Data structures
  • Big data and the 7Vs
  • Summary

1 Activity

  • Exit Assessment

Week 2:Implementing AI Projects

11 Videos | 1 Activity

11 Videos

  • Identifying business areas with AI opportunities
  • Defining business problem statement
  • Identifying analytics problem statement
  • Technologies and tools
  • Internal stakeholders
  • External stakeholders
  • Machine Learning Project workflow
  • Data Science Project workflow
  • Data Analytics Life Cycle
  • Summary

1 Activity

  • Exit Assessment

Week 3: Becoming an AI Organization

2 Videos | 1 Activity

2 Videos

  • Big Data Business Model Maturity Index
  • Summary

1 Activity

  • Exit Assessment

Week 4: Setting up your Digital Presence for Success

8 Videos | 1 Activity

8 Videos

  • Overview
  • TOFU: Top of the Funnel
  • MOFU: Middle of the Funnel
  • BOFU: Bottom of the Funnel
  • define metrics for generating leads
  • define metrics for selling online
  • Other success metrics
  • Key Takeaways

1 Activity

  • Exit Assessment
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