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Freedom of Information: An Introduction

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Course Overview

This course is designed to build the capabilities of the learners in acquiring the recommended knowledge and skills in obtaining government information through the FOI Program. It approaches the subject by first giving a comprehensive overview of the basic principles and concepts underlying freedom of information. This is followed by enumerating the legal foundations which safeguard the public’s right to know along with the procedures on how learners can access information through the provisions stipulated in Executive Order No. 2, s. 2016. Finally, the course also offers an online tutorial on how to use the Electronic FOI Portal as an online platform for the retrieval and disclosure of information.

This course is specifically intended for all Filipino citizens to capacitate and help them exercise their right to access information.

What You Will Learn

Upon completion of this course, the learners are expected to:

  • understand the principles and concepts underlying freedom of information laws/policies;
  • explain the significance of freedom of information;
  • build awareness and gain a deeper understanding of their right to access information;
  • explain the interplay between the nature of information which is for public consumption and certain categories of information which limit information disclosure;
  • familiarize oneself in the process of acquiring government data and information through the FOI Program; and
  • identify the relevance of access to information to any other data-related initiatives.

Course Instructors

Course Staff Image #1

Asec Kristian Ablan

Subject Matter Expert

Course Staff Image #1

Pearl Iris Clemente

Subject Matter Expert

Course Staff Image #3

Atty. Mae Anne Sandoval

Subject Matter Expert

Course Content

Week 1: Understanding the Right to Information or Freedom of Information (FOI)

4 Videos | 2 Activities

4 Videos

  • Welcome to the course!
  • What is Freedom of Information?
  • FOI as a Fundamental Human Right
  • Principles of Freedom of Information

2 Activities

  • Ponder and Prove
  • Quiz

Week 2: Legal Foundations for the Freedom of Information: International Laws and the Philippines’ FOI Program (Executive Order No. 2, s. of 2016)

2 Videos | 2 Activities

2 Videos

  • The 1987 Philippine Constitution
  • The Executive Order No. 2, s. 2016 or the FOI Program of the Philippines

2 Activities

  • Recall Activity
  • Peer-Graded Assignment

Week 3: The FOI Program

8 Videos | 2 Activities

8 Videos

  • Contextualizing Information
  • Coverage of the EO
  • What are the requirements for filing an FOI Request?
  • Timeframe for Processing FOI Requests
  • The FOI Request Flow
  • How does FOI relate or differ from other existing government programs?
  • The Standard and Electronic FOI
  • Proactive and Reactive Disclosure

2 Activities

  • Recall Activity
  • Quiz

Week 4: Exceptions to FOI

2 Videos | 2 Activities

2 Videos

  • List of Exceptions
  • Interplay Between Access to Information and Data Privacy

2 Activities

  • Ponder and Prove
  • Peer-Graded Assignment

Week 5: FOI in Practice

3 Videos | 2 Activities

3 Videos

  • Creating an Account and Making a Request
  • Browsing Requests
  • Key Takeaways

2 Activities

  • Capstone
  • Final Exam
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    FOI 101
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  4. Estimated Effort

    1-2 hours/week (10 hours)
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