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Creating a Smarter Philippines Through Data Analytics Research and Development (R&D), Training and Adoption

About Project SPARTA

Project SPARTA was launched in order to put in place the necessary online education, research and development mechanisms and infrastracture to not only enable the industry of data science and analytics but also to advance smart governance practices. It aims to train and graduate 30,000 learners in data science, analytics, and related fields through online learning. To know more about the SPARTA project, please visit the official homepage.

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Learn data analytics. Apply for a schorlarship and join thousands of learners in this exciting new field.

How to become a SPARTA Scholar

Frequently Asked Questions

For scholars, it is free. Project Sparta is a fully funded project from DOST in partnership with DAP, AAP, and Coursebank. Register and apply now to get a scholarship.
After logging into your Coursebank account, applicants can apply to the SPARTA scholarship through the "SPARTA" link in the navigation bar at the top of any Coursebank page or through the "SPARTA Profile" link in their user menu.
Yes, you get a certificate of completion for each course and learning pathways completed from the Development Academy of the Philippines.


Development Academy of the Philippines

Department of Science and Technology

Philippine Council for Industry, Energy, and Emerging Technology Research and Development

Analytics Association of the Philippines

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